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AquaCalc Pro Open Channel Flow Computer

AA Current MeterThe AquaCalc Pro is the natural successor to the AquaCalc 5000, with added features, such as a large graphical display, an audible tone for both key clicks and meter rotations, storage of 30 river cross sections, operating system upgrades, and a 3-year warranty.

The Pro has the ability to run in multiple modes including a simplified and a professional mode similar to the firmware available in the AquaCalc 5000. This additional versatility allows the user to customize the AquaCalc Pro from the most basic operating mode with on-screen prompts and warnings that step you through a measurement to a more streamlined mode. The AquaCalc Pro provides one-key quick access to the measurement screen where you will see up to five vertical observations at a time on one screen.

AquaCalc Pro improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your stream measurements. The user inputs the distance and depth; AquaCalc Pro measures revolutions and elapsed time calculating velocity and discharge. When all the stations have been measured, simply press a button and AquaCalc gives you the total discharge and mean velocity. AquaCalc completely eliminates time-consuming hand calculations, saving an average of 20 minutes per cross section. The 25 key keypad puts the most used functions at your fingertips. With the larger display, you see up to three observations in a vertical on the same screen, plus measurement settings and messages, as well as, a continuous display of estimated instantaneous velocity so that you can see what the stream is doing before you begin your ‘official’ observation. The new menu system, combined with three soft-keys, whose functions can be changed as needed, give the user easy access to the AquaCalc’s capabilities.

In the main Measurement Screen, the display will show all of the important information for the vertical that you are measuring, including:

• Tag line distance
• Stream depth
• Individual 0.2, 0.6, and 0.8 observations locations
• Meter revolutions, time and velocity in each observation
• The calculated velocity for the vertical / tag line location
• Horizontal Angle and method coefficients
• Continuous readout of velocity
• Suggested placement of next tag line location / vertical
• Suggested depths for your topset wading rod or suspended measurement reel
• Ice thickness corrected water depths
• Wall coefficients
• Estimated velocity

AquaCalc Pro saves even more time in error detection and re-calculation. With hand calculations, finding and correcting an error can take hours. But with AquaCalc, you can usually find and correct data entry errors in a few minutes. To help prevent procedural errors, AquaCalc prompts the user with a ‘flag’ when an unusual entry occurs. AquaCalc uploads the data to your PC, so transcription errors are also eliminated.

AquaCalc Pro output looks similar to the USGS Measurement Notes Back Sheet. Optional software can plot data in graph form, which helps inexperienced users understand the data at a glance. USGS user comments have been incorporated into the AquaCalc to improve the accuracy of measurements in troublesome conditions. Some of the improvements include:

• Add or delete a station anywhere in the cross section
• Up to 5-point measurements in a vertical (Surface, 0.2, 0.6, 0.8, Bottom)
• Ability to perform ice measurements
• Display of available memory
• Warning flags that identify the incorrect meter or sounding weight

The AquaCalc Pro is manufactured from high-quality materials to withstand the occasional drops, vibrations, pollutants, temperature extremes and humidity variations. Its weather-resistant design will stand up to prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain, sleet and snow.

AquaCalc Pro includes: AA Current Meter

Current Meter Cable with phono jack
RS232 Communications Cable
Rod Mount
DataLink Software
Hard Carry Case
3 year limited warranty


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