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Neon Remote Terminal (NRT) with Cellular or Satellite Transceiver

The Neon Remote Terminal (NRT) combines a data logger with either a duplex cellular or satellite transceiver. The NRT is designed to automate collection of remote data from environmental monitoring, industrial measurement, Neon Satelliteand utility metering sites. Neon Terrestrial NRT It connects to sensors in the field, collects readings from the sensors, and transmits the collected data to a central server. Fully bidirectional communication is possible via the Neon server - data can be collected directly, and the NRT programmed, from any internet connection on the globe.

More details at Neon Remote Terminal NRT


Universal Data Loggers
Multi-Channel User Configurable Data Loggers

6004 Starlogger

6004-1 Starlogger6004-2 Display StarloggerFor applications requiring data recording from multiple sensors, such as a meteorology station, snotel or water quality station, the Starlog Data Logger is the ideal choice. The 6004-1 Starlogger feature eight (10 bit) analog channels, four (16 bit) counter/frequency channels, and sixteen (16 bit) Starbus serial I/O channels. Memory is a large 512K capacity CMOS RAM, enough storage for many months of recording. Starloggers are completely portable, containing an internal 9V alkaline battery pack, as well as 12VDC external power input. Instrument scan rates extend from 125 milliseconds to 5 minutes. Two user configurable instrument power sources can be scan synchronized, and connected to an external relay for high load instruments ...
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6004 Starlogger

7001 Starlog Prologger7001 Starlog Prologger

As the latest addition to the Starlog product group, the Prologger sets new standards in accuracy and input range. While it is packaged in the robust enclosure so familiar to Starlog users, this product is a complete redesign. With twice the accuracy, four times the memory capacity, eight times the resolution and sixteen times the dynamic...

More details at
7001 Starlog Prologger

Dedicated Water Quality Data Loggers
Data Logger Configured with Water Quality Sensor(s)

Eureka Manta MultiparameterEureka Manta Multiparameter Water Quality Recorder

Engineered to last for years in the field, the Eureka Manta Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde is ideal for fresh, salt or brackish water monitoring applications. Housed in a tough 3.25" diameter PVC housing, the Manta has 1.5 MB of EEPROM memory and can accommodate water quality sensors for temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, turbidity & depth/stage. For spot checks, the Manta can be connected to the Amphibian Field Display Unit, or for long term remote monitoring applications, an optional 8 D cell battery pack can be installed.
More details at
Eureka Manta Multiparameter

Analite 495 Turbidity & Temperature Recorder

Analite 495 Turbidity Temperature Recorder

The 495 Recorder is functionally equivalent to the Analite 395 turbidity probe, but includes a temperature sensor and flexible data logger, packaged in a self-contained stainless steel cylinder that is easy to set up and download via the RS-232 PC interface. This microprocessor based turbidity logger is designed for monitoring and logging applications where turbidity levels of up to 1,000NTU may be encountered. To maximize resolution, user selectable ranges of 40NTU, 100NTU, 400NTU and 1000NTU are available. The 495 uses nephelometric 90 degree optical retro-scatter technology to ISO-7027 specifications. A newly implemented differential measurement technique with sample and hold provides enhanced performance at low turbidity levels, and extremely low zero drift. The sensor uses a unique modulation technique that ensures almost total rejection of ambient light, and the integral wiper assembly keeps the lens clear of sedimentation build-up and bio-fouling.
More details at Analite 495 Turbidity & Temperature Recorder

Solinst Submersible Level Temperature & Conductivity (LTC) Recorder

Solinst Submersible Level Temperature & Conductivity (LTC) Recorder

The LTC Levelogger Junior logs conductivity, as well as water level and temperature. Like the Levelogger Gold and Junior, it is easy to transport, program, deploy and retrieve data. It combines a datalogger, 5-year battery, pressure transducer, and temperature and conductivity sensors within a small stainless steel waterproof housing, 22 mm x 190 mm. The conductivity sensor is a 4-electrode platinum sensor, with auto-ranging capabilities. Using standard Levelogger Software, it displays conductivity, temperature, and temperature-compensated water level. Memory is non-volatile and stores up to 16,000 sets of readings. Measurements are linear, in any interval between 5 seconds and 99 hours.
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Solinst Submersible LTC Recorder

6536 Conductivity & Temperature Recorder

6536 Conductivity & Temperature Recorder

The 6536 Water Conductivity Recorder is a complete measurement system suitable for permanent field installation. Graphite electrodes, combined with zero potential measurement technique, maximize stability and reduce effects due to algae growth and other water pollutants. Three built-in ranges allow the one instrument to cover a wide range of conductivities. Autoranging means the instrument works at its optimum resolution throughout the operating range. This enables monitoring of saline conditions while still accurately measuring flushes of fresh water.
More details at
6536 Water Conductivity Recorder

Dedicated Water Level Data Loggers
Data Logger Configured with Water Level Sensor

KPSI 550 WaterMonitor Depth & Temperature Recorder

KPSI 550

The WaterMonitor is a submersible hydrostatic level transducer with embedded datalogging offering the highest level of functionality and accuracy available today. The transducer meets the demanding requirements of the USGS Office of Surface Water (OSW) accuracy specification for stage monitoring.
The WaterMonitor combines a highly accurate (±0.05%) pressure sensor with power conservative microcomputer datalogging circuitry.. More details at KPSI550 Monitor

WL 16 Global Water Level Recorder

WL 15X Global Water Level Recorder The WL16, Water Level Logger, is a datalogger and submersible pressure transducer combination designed for remote monitoring and recording of water level data. This inexpensive water level recorder can record over 81,000 readings and has four recording options, fast (10 samples per second), programmable interval (1 second to multiple years), logarithmic, and exception. Multiple depth ranges are available from 3' to 500' of water level change. A 25' vented cable is standard on all water level loggers, and optional cable lengths are available from the factory up to 500'.

More details at
WL 16 Recorder

Solinst Levelogger Gold Level & Temperature Recorder

The New Levelogger Gold represents the next generation of discrete water level & temperature dataloggers. With no vented cable, the sealed design combines a datalogger, built-in lithium battery, pressure transducer and temperature sensor, in a small, minimal maintenance, 7/8" x 6" (22 mm x 154 mm) stainless steel housing.

It can be suspended on a simple wire line, or connected to the surface with a direct read cable (for downloading of data and/or reprogramming without removal from the water).

More details at
Solinst Levelogger Gold

Solinst Levelogger Junior Level & Temperature Recorder

The Levelogger Junior is the newest addition to the Solinst Levelogger Family. The Levelogger Junior provides an inexpensive alternative for measuring groundwater and surface water levels. It combines a data logger, temperature sensor, pressure transducer, and 5-year battery, in a small, maintenance free, waterproof stainless steel housing.

The Levelogger Junior features a non-volatile memory, with a capacity of 32,000 sets of temperature and water level data points. Readings are linear at a user-defined interval between 0.5 seconds to 99 hours. Accuracy is 0.1% FS, with a lifetime factory calibration.
More details at
Solinst Levelogger Junior

6541-11/C Precision Water Level Recorder

6541 Precision Water Level RecorderFloat-operated instruments can be the most accurate way to monitor the level of a water surface. The 6541-11/C consists of a optical shaft encoder packaged with a 120K RAM Unidata Micrologger. This recorder can achieve an operating accuracy and resolution of 0.2mm over a full scale range of 0 to 65.5 meters. The 500 mm circumference pulley is normally connected to the...

More details at 6541-11C Recorder

Minilog Submersible Temperature & Depth Recorder

MinilogThe Minilog is a rugged miniature temperature and depth logger that stores more than 8000 readings in nonvolatile memory. The temperature and optional depth transducer are mounted in one end of the Minilog, while an infrared LED transistor, used to transfer data from the Minilog to the PC interface, is mounted in the other end. The infrared LED transistor eliminates the need for expensive and unreliable waterproof connectors, and indicates the Minilogs' operational status to the user.
More details at Minilog Submersible Recorder

6526 Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Recorder6526 Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Recorder

The Starflow is a compact, easy to use system for measuring the velocity and depth of water in rivers and streams, open drainage channels and large pipes.

It is suitable for use in a wide range of water qualities ranging from sewerage and waste water to clean streams, potable water, and even sea water. The instrument measures forward and reverse flow conditions and may be programmed to compute Flow Rate and Total Flow in pipes and open... More details at 6526 Starflow Ultrasonic Recorder

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