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Analite 495 Turbidity Temperature Recorder

Analite 495 Turbidity & Temperature Recorder

The 495 Recorder is functionally equivalent to the Analite 395 turbidity probe, but includes a temperature sensor and flexible data logger, packaged in a self-contained stainless steel cylinder that is easy to set up and download via the RS-232 PC interface. This microprocessor based turbidity logger is designed for monitoring and logging applications where turbidity levels of up to 1,000NTU may be encountered. To maximize resolution, user selectable ranges of 40NTU, 100NTU, 400NTU and 1000NTU are available. The 495 uses nephelometric 90 degree optical retro-scatter technology to ISO-7027 specifications. A newly implemented differential measurement technique with sample and hold provides enhanced performance at low turbidity levels, and extremely low zero drift. The sensor uses a unique modulation technique that ensures almost total rejection of ambient light, and the integral wiper assembly keeps the lens clear of sedimentation build-up and bio-fouling.

Logging intervals can be set from less than 1 second to over 18 hours, and over 10,000 data sets can be stored with each data set consisting of turbidity, temperature, time and date. Data is stored in non-volatile Flash ROM - larger memory modules are available as an option. With the optional 8Mb Flash ROM, over 100,0000 data sets can be stored! The NEP495 requires no external power, the user replaceable internal four C cell Alkaline batteries have a life expectancy of over 30,000 data sets or about 60 days, and the instrument can be submerged to a depth of 100 meters. Calibrations are under user control, and firmware upgrades may be uploaded via the RS232 interface. Specifications

Analite 495-P Turbidity Temperature Recorder

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