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Solinst Submersible Level Temperature & Conductivity (LTC) RecorderSolinst Submersible Level Temperature & Conductivity (LTC) Recorder

The LTC Levelogger Junior logs conductivity, as well as water level and temperature. Like the Levelogger Gold and Junior, it is easy to transport, program, deploy and retrieve data. It combines a datalogger, 5-year battery, pressure transducer, and temperature and conductivity sensors within a small stainless steel waterproof housing, 22 mm x 190 mm. The conductivity sensor is a 4-electrode platinum sensor, with auto-ranging capabilities. Using standard Levelogger Software, it displays conductivity, temperature, and temperature-compensated water level. Memory is non-volatile and stores up to 16,000 sets of readings. Measurements are linear, in any interval between 5 seconds and 99 hours.

Barometric Compensation and Calibration Wizards guide you through the calibration process and compensation, to provide corrected data. Levelogger Software allows you to easily program your preferences, download data, and display data in a graph or table format or export to other programs. Temperature compensation is automatic, but temperature variations can also be displayed. The Real-Time View option allows immediate viewing of live conductivity, water level and temperature readings.

Leveloggers are easy to deploy; installation can be with direct read cables or wireline/rope suspension, avoiding the use of vented cables. The LTC Levelogger Junior is SDI-12 compatible, can communicate with the Leveloader Gold Handheld Data Transfer Unit, and is able to integrate into a Solinst STS Gold or Neon Telemetry System.

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