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7001 Starlog Prologger

7001 Starlog ProloggerAs the latest addition to the Starlog product group, the Prologger sets new standards in accuracy and input range. While it is packaged in the robust enclosure so familiar to Starlog users, this product is a complete redesign. With twice the accuracy, four times the memory capacity, eight times the resolution and sixteen times the dynamic range, it is the ideal applications requiring versatility and/or high accuracy. All Prologger analogue and digital inputs are processed with 16-bit resolution. The sixteen inputs now support the following ranges: 5.000V (155V/bit resolution) 500mV (15.5V/bit resolution) 50mV (1.55V/bit resolution) 5mV (155nV/bit resolution). The superior accuracy of the new design means that input voltages will be converted to better than 0.05% of full scale over the full operating temperature range, and 0.1% in the 5mV range. With four programmable instrument power output ranges almost any sensor can be connected to the Prologger, and with the increased memory capacity of 512K RAM you can acquire more data or increase the period between downloads. The unit also includes all the familiar Starlog features such as SDI-12 instrument support, Modem command/Dial-out support, universal battery pack, continuous power source, control of power supplies and field upgradeable control firmware. Specifications or Accessories

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