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Minilog Submersible Temperature & Depth Recorder

TR - Temperature Only Logger in thick walled cylinder (PVC)
TX - Temperature Only Logger in thin walled cylinder
TDR - Temperature & Depth Logger in thick walled cylinder (PVC)
TDX - Temperature & Depth Logger in thin walled cylinder

Memory Type: Non-volatile EEPROM.

Data Retention: 20 years.

Standard Memory Capacity: 8064 readings of Temperature (TR, TX). 8128 readings of Temperature and Depth (TDR, TDX).

Power Supply: Single Lithium Cell, 1/2 AA size.

Battery Life: 5 years or 1000 full deployments (TR, TX). 5 years or 700 full deployments (TDR, TDX).

Logging Interval: 1 second to 6 hours.

Logging Duration: 2 1/4 hours to 5 years.

Temperature Range: Factory preset to one of the following:
-4 to 20 oC0.1 oC resolution+/- 0.2 oC accuracy
-5 to 35 oC0.2 oC resolution+/- 0.3 oC accuracy
-30 to 40 oC0.3 oC resolution+/- 0.5 oC accuracy

Thermal Time Constant: Typically 45 seconds in stirred liquid.

Depth Ranges: Factory Preset to one of the following:
17 m (25 PSI)0.1 m resolution+/- 0.5 m accuracy
34 m (50 PSI)0.2 m resolution+/- 1.0 m accuracy
68 m (100 PSI)0.4 m resolution+/- 2.0 m accuracy
136 m (200 PSI)0.8 m resolution+/- 4.0 m accuracy
204 m (300 PSI)1.2 m resolution+/- 6.0 m accuracy
340 m (500 PSI)2.0 m resolution+/- 10.0 m accuracy
680 m (1000 PSI)4.0 m resolution+/- 20.0 m accuracy (TDR only)

Case: TX, TDX - Thin walled epoxy cylinder, 16 mm diameter x 71 mm length. Minimum diameter case, can be fastened with nylon cable tie loop in non-sensor end.
TR, TDR - PVC cylinder, 22 mm diameter x 95 mm length. More robust than TX case. Can be fastened through a 0.25 inch hole in non-sensor end.

Weight: TX, TDX - 23 g in air, 10 g in water. TR, TDR - 41 g in air, 12 g in water.

Maximum Depth: 1000 m (TR), 340 m (TX), maximum rated value of depth sensor + 50% for TDX and TDR.

Full Memory Download: Standard 8 k TX or TR - 3 minutes. Standard 16 k TDX or TDR - 6 minutes.



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