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Neon Satellite Remote Terminal (NRT Satellite)


Anodised aluminium


275 mm H x 105 mm W x 60 mm D


850 grams (including battery pack)

Operating temperature:

–20 to 60 °C. Not affected by humidity.


External conical dielectric resonator 103 mm D x 63 mm H, 1 m cable


3 x 3.6V 13Ah lithium (non-rechargeable)


2 x analog inputs 12 bit resolution
1 x counter input 16 bit 3kHz or 35V DC signal
1 x control output
1 x HSIO (16 x 16 bit bidirectional, synchronous data) channel

Serial Comm:

RS-232 (300 to 230,400 baud)


- Continuous 3.6V nom (20mA max) plus 2.5V ref (5mA max)
- 10.5 to 16VDC external input available if required

Storage memory:

15,000 readings – non-volatile flash memory

Time clock:

Crystal regulated, +/- 10 seconds/month automatically network synchronised

Scan rates:

Programmable from 1 second to 12 hours

Log intervals:

Programmable from 1 second to 1 week

Storage memory:

15,000 readings non-volatile flash memory

Operating modes:

- Terminal (internet enabled data logger interface for STARLOG compliant loggers)
- Scheduled (Continuously to weekly daily is default)
- Integrated fully programmable STARLOG compatible micrologger
- FTU Field Test Unit via RS232 & IrDA for fi eld support


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