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Model 240 Licor Silicon Pyranometer Sensor


Sensor: High stability silicon voltaic detector (blue enchanced)
Accuracy: ± 5% typical under natural daylight conditions
Sensitivity: 100 µA per 1000 Wm² typical
Linearity: Max deviation of 1% up to 3000 Wm²
Stability: < ± 2% change over a one year period
Response time: 10 µs
Temperature dependence: 0.15% per °C max
Cosine correction: Cosine corrected up to 80° angle of incidence
Azimuth: < ± 1% error over 360° at 45° elevation
Tilt: No error induced from orientation
Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C
Sensor housing: Weatherproof anodized aluminium case with acrylic diffuser and stainless steel hardware
Size: 3" Dia x 1.4" H
Weight: 1 lbs

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