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RM Young Wind Monitor


Power: 5VDC from logger (4mA from logger)
Sensor Interface Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C
Mounting: standard 1 inch (25mm) pipe
Size: 38 H×65Lcm, propeller 20cm
Weight: 0.7kg

Wind Speed:
Range: 0 to 60 metres/sec (130kph)
Gust survival: 100 metres/sec (220kph)
Accuracy: speed ±0.2m/s (0.4mph)
Threshold: propeller 1.0m/s (2.2mph)
Output signal: 5.00V square wave. 3 pulses per revolution (0.098m/s per Hz)
Required Logger Channel: 8 or 16 bit counter channel

Wind Direction
Range: 360° mechanical, 355° electrical (5° open)
Accuracy: ±3°
Threshold: vane - 0.5m/s (1.0mph) at 10° displacement, 0.7m/s (1.6mph) at 5° displacement
Output signal; 0 to 2.50V, 0 to 355°
Required Logger Channel: analog channel

Line Driver (optional) The two channel line driver converts wind speed and wind direction to separate 4-20mA signals.

Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C
Output signals: 4-20mA full scale
Power: 12-30V dc


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