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Tipping Bucket Rainfall Gauge


Base Plate, Posts & Tipping Bucket [grey]
Type 1, Grade 1 PVC
Impervious to water
High resistance to acids, alkalis and salt solutions
Heat stable to 140 degrees F [60 degrees C]
PVC including the fabricated tipping bucket are capable of withstanding repeated freezing and thawing
Ceramic magnet totally secured and enclosed

External Housing [green]
Industrial grade PVC

Funnels and Legs
Anodized Aluminum

Bearing Shaft and Hardware
Stainless Steel

Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
Encapsulated in hermetically sealed glass tube
10 Watts, 200 VDC. Contact form SPST-NO

Connecting Cable - 4000 Series Only
20 foot with strain relief, 22AWG, 2-conductor stranded

+/- 2% @ 1" per hour

Dimensions and Shipping Weight
8" Diameter, 12" Height, 8 lbs

0.01", 0.25mm, 0.5mm and 1mm


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