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Swoffer 3000 Flow Meter Indicator


Velocity Range: 0.1 to 25 Feet Per Second (0.03 to 7.5 Meters Per Second)

Display: Two line by 16 character Liquid Crystal Digital.

Resolution: To hundredths, both feet and meters.

Accuracy: Can be held to within 1% with periodic user required calibration tests and adjustments.

Display Averaging: Completely user adjustable from 1 to 999 seconds. Remains unchanged with each powerup until adjusted again. Velocities obtained within each sampling period can be averaged with successive periods.

LCD Operating Temperature: Min. -20°C, Max. 70°C.

Power Requirements: Four AA batteries. Alkaline or rechargeable NiCad.

Size: 4 by 6 by 2 inches (15.2 by 10.2 by 5.1 cm).

Weight: 25 oz. (including 4 AA batteries).

Material: Vacuum-formed ABS with a clear acrylic viewing lens over the LCD.

Keypad: Back-printed polycarbonate in four colors plus black. Membrane type contacts with minimum actuation pressure required for long life and water resistance.

Fasteners: Stainless Steel & Brass.

Sensor Wand Materials: Aluminum = 6061-T6, Stainless Steel = #303

Sensor Body & Materials: Acetal-resin, carbon reinforced and machined from solid stock.

Sensor Propeller: Glass-filled nylon. 2" diameter is supplied. Other sizes are available for special applications.

Electrical Connection: Hyper-flexible PVC jacketed cable. Two-conductor sensor signal system. Circular plastic connector with twist-lock operation. Water resistant with gold plated contacts. Special cable types also available.

Cable Length: Equal to wand at full extension plus five feet. Special lengths to 1000 feet are also available.

Sensor Type: Photo-Fiber-Optic - two conductor electrical with all electronics permanently encapsulated in epoxy resin.

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