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Solinst Model 107 Temperature Level Conductivity (TLC) Meter LevelPro 6100 Bubbler Water Level Sensor

The Model 107 TLC Meter is ideal for profiling conductivity and temperature in wells and open water and for salt-water intrusion, contamination and salinity investigations. The TLC uses an "intelligent conductivity" sensor with platinum electrodes. The sensor is attached to Solinst flat-tape, accurately marked every 1/100 ft or every millimeter, available in lengths up to 300 ft or 100 m and stored on a plastic reel.

The conductivity range is from 0-80,000 S/cm. Conductivity and temperature measurements are displayed on a rotating LCD screen on the face of the reel. Conductivity accuracy is 2% of reading from 100 to 80,000 S/cm. The TLC Meter operates in a range from 15C to +50C (23F to 122F). Accuracy is +/- 0.3C in Celsius, or +/-0.5F in Fahrenheit. Conductivity measurements are temperature sensitive. The smart TLC probe automatically adjusts the measured conductivity values to display as specific conductance. This provides standardized repeatable comparable measurements. When the probe is turned on, the LCD screen displays both conductivity and temperature. When the zero point of the probe enters water, an electric circuit is completed, briefly activating a buzzer and blanking out the screen for about 1 second. The depth to water is then read off the tape. When the TLC Meter is withdrawn from the water, a short buzz gives a warning that the probe is now out of water. A short wait of 20 seconds per degree Celsius of temperature change is required for the measurements to stabilize at each desired depth, before recording the three measurements.

The 9V alkaline battery is housed in an easy-access battery drawer and provides up to 90 hours of use. A tape guide/datum allows the depth measurement to be read at the marked position on the tape guide, to give reliable, repeatable, accurate depth measurements when profiling a standpipe, as well as protect the tape from damage on rough edges of the well casing.

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