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Portable Peristaltic Sampling Pump

The Solinst Peristaltic Pumps is designed for vacuum pumping or pressure delivery of liquids or gases. They are ideal for sample removal from shallow wells and surface water. The mechanical peristaltic operation is effective to depths of approximately 33ft or 10m at sea level, limited only by the suction lift limit which varies with elevation.

The Solinst Peristaltic Pump has variable pumping rates and can be fitted with 2 different sizes of silicon pump-head tubing. With the 3/8" OD (10mm) tubing the pump delivers a sample rate as low as 40 ml/min and up to 900 ml/min. If the 5/8" OD (16mm) tubing is used, it delivers from 120 ml/min to almost 3.5L/min.

The Solinst Peristaltic Pump is very compact and easy to use. It measures 13" x 5" x 6-1/2" (32cm x 13cm x 17cm) and weighs only 8lbs (3-6Kg). The metal case is extremely robust, water resistant, and has no grates or openings. A handle and easy-access controls on the top of the pump make it perfect for field work.

The pump operates using any 12 volt DC power source (battery) which can supply at least 3-5 amps at maximum draw. The variable speed motor is reversible and reverse polarity protected. A 12 ft. (4m) long power cord allows easy connection to almost any 12 volt DC battery. The standard pump tubing is 5/8"OD (16mm) silicon which attaches easily to 1/2"OD down hole tubing.

A conversion kit is included which allows the use of 3/8" OD (10mm) silicon tubing which attaches easily to 1/4" OD (6mm) down hole tubing. To provide high sample integrity, the sample comes in
contact only with the tubing. The silicon tubing is easy to clean or replace. To avoid cross contamination between wells and lengthy decontamination procedures simply change the inexpensive downhole tubing between wells.

When sampling, it is useful to place a Flow-Through Cell in-line, to allow the water to be monitored
for conductivity, pH, temperature or other appropriate parameters. When the readings stabilize the
operator can be sure that the sample collected will be representative formation water.


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