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Hanna HI 99300/1 Waterproof Conductivity & Temperature Meter

HI 9033The HI 99300 and HI 993001 conductivity & temperature meters are economical waterproof handheld meters ideal for field spot checks. The HI 99300 (low range) and HI 99301 (high range) combine measurements of conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature in a rugged waterproof housing. Designed for quick and easy field operation, EC (or TDS) and temperature readings are displayed simultaneously. The large display with graphic symbols guides the user through all operations and calibration processes.

The meter shows the remaining battery percentage and when a low battery condition is detected, and all settings and calibration data remain in memory when changing batteries. Calibration is a single point automatic procedure, and measurements are automatically compensated for temperature variations. Also, the compensation coefficient and the EC/TDS conversion factor are user-selectable. HI 99300/1 is supplied complete with a combination EC/TDS and temperature probe with one meter cable, batteries & carrying case. Specifications

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