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YSI 30 Conductivity / Salinity/ Temperature Meter

YSI 30The YSI Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature meter is ready to use when you turn it on. A large, backlit display shows temperature along with conductivity, temperature-compensated conductivity, or salinity at depths up to 100 feet. The YSI 30 lets you set the reference temperature and temperature coefficient if you're measuring temperature-compensated conductivity. Features include auto ranging for fast conductivity measurement, and an automatic function check verifies that the system is working properly. The tough, watertight IP-65 rated case withstands the rigors of field work and includes a built-in storage chamber to protect the probe when not in use. The weighted probe sinks easily and is available with four cable lengths, 10, 25, 50 or 100 feet, and the meter is supplied with 6 AA alkaline batteries. Also available is the YSI 30M which stores up to 50 data sets. Specifications

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