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NovaLynx Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The NovaLynx Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is manufactured from high quality anodized and powder coated aluminium. Rainfall entering the 8" funnel collector is directed to the tipping bucket assembly. When an incremental amount of precipitation has been collected, the bucket assembly tips and activates a magnetic reed switch. The sample is discharged through the base of the gauge. A momentary electrical contact closure is provided for each increment of rainfall.

NovaLynx Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge This contact closure can be recorded by the the Neon or Starlog Data Logger or other data acquisition systems. A level is provided on the base for correct positioning of the gauge. The funnel has a screen to prevent debris from entering the gauge and it comes complete with mounting feet and 25 feet of signal cable.

The NovaLynx Electric Heated Rain and Snow Gauge is used where 115V power is available and precipitation is often in the form of snow. A heating kit has been added to the basic NovaLynx Rain Gauge to provide the capability for measuring snowfall. The heated gauge has a 400 watt heater unit installed on the base, and the outer tube is insulated while a freeze point thermostat controls the temperature at the funnel. Snow falling into the funnel is melted and the resulting water drains into the tipping bucket assembly. It includes 25 feet of power cable and 25 feet of signal cable.


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