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6507 Thermistor Temperature Probe

6507 ThermistorThese economical thermistor temperature probes are suitable for a variety of temperature monitoring applications such as air, water, soil, snow, ice, etc. They are fully sealed and can be used in fresh and sea water to a depth of 5 meters. The thermistor temperature probes use a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor as their temperature sensor. The NTC thermistor is a high quality, precision curve matched element with an accuracy of 0.2C and operating temperature is from -100C to 150C (Due to the type of cable being used, the measurement range of the probe is from -30C to 100C). A high accuracy version is also available with an accuracy of 0.1C. The probe is powered by 5 VDC and has an output from 0 to 2.55 VDC suitable for data loggers such as the Neon and Starlog Data Loggers.

Also available is the Linear Temperature Probe with an accuracy of 0.6C and range of -17.8C to 100C. The probe is powered by 5 VDC, and outputs a DC voltage signal which is directly proportional to the temperature at 18mV/C.


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