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Phionics Submersible Water Quality Transmitters - Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP(Redox), Temperature

Phionics SubmersibleThe Phionics series of submersible water quality transmitters have an integrated preamp and an isolated 'true 2-wire', 4-20 mA transmitter. Two independent channels can simultaneously transmit either a conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH or ORP(Redox) signal, as well as, an optional temperature signal - two wires for the water quality parameter, and two wires for temperature. The 'true 2-wire', 4-20 ma sensor/transmitters send a current proportional to the parameter being measured on the same two wires that provide the power (7 to 40 volts dc). Current transmission allows for long runs of inexpensive cable or wire (up to three miles) that is virtually noise-free without any signal loss that is common to voltage (IR drop) or digital (capacitance affecting 'rise/fall' timing) signals. The seven volt operation allows the units to be powered by 12 volt battery systems with 5 volts of compliance, making them compatible with remote low power data logger and solar powered applications. The units are intended for calibration via software supplied with the datalogger.

The water quality signal (except ORP) on channel 1 is automatically temperature compensated - to yield the true output regardless of temperature changes. This is not to be confused with the temperature option, which provides an independent, isolated, 4-20 ma output proportional to the 0 to 50 C range on channel 2. The auto-polarity correction feature, directs the applied supply voltage to allow for proper operation regardless of wire hookup. Red and Black are for channel 1 - Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH or ORP, and Orange and Brown are for the optional channel 2 - temperature. The units can be submersed to 200 feet (approximately 100 psi).

Individual units can be combined to make redundant or multiparameter sensor modules using the Phionics' patent pending pHiKLIP array system. The pHiKLIP system also allows for the units to be used in in-line (insertion) applications without fear of blow-out. As with all pHionics' designs, the sensor/transmitters are designed with ease of service as a primary goal. For fast configuration or servicing of the sensor, the patented pHiKEC connection system allows for the 10 meter (standard) submersible cable assembly, and the field replaceable sensor cartridge, to be replaced with only 2-turns. The compact design, and the 316SS and Kynar (PVDF) construction make the rugged Phionics water quality sensor/transmitter ideal for applications such as data acquisition, groundwater monitoring, wastewater treatment, and process control. Specifications

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