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Oxyguard Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

OxyguardThe robust construction and simple design of the Oxyguard D/O probe make maintenance and servicing easy. It uses a strong, easy-to-clean and easy-to-change membrane in a screw-on membrane cap. The probe design uses a galvanic cell with built-in temperature compensation. The probe requires no power, and produces a millivolt output proportional to the oxygen present in the medium in which it is placed. This millivolt signal can be inputted to a data logger such as the Starlog via a two core cable.

The probe consists of two parts: an upper part housing the electronic circuitry, stainless steel calibration screw, cathode and anode; and a lower part comprising a screw on membrane cap with fitted membrane. Regular servicing is not required, only that the membrane is kept reasonably clean; it can be wiped clean with a cloth or paper towel. When necessary, the probe can be fully overhauled in five minutes; the membrane cap is simply filled with electrolyte and screwed onto the upper part. Specifications

Oxyguard Wiper

The Oxyguard Wiper is a reliable and robust accessory for use with dissolved oxygen probes or other sensors prone to biofouling in stagnant water conditions. Oxygen probes require a minimum water velocity across their membranes to function properly and produce accurate and reliable D/O measurements. The Oxyguard Wiper overcomes these problems by employing a soft bristle brush that sweeps across the probe membrane or sensor tip. The sweeping action provides the required water velocity as well as keeping the membrane clean. Optimum sweeping frequency depends the water conditions. A 12 VDC ON time of 0.25 seconds and off time of 5 seconds is adequate in most circumstances, which can be controlled by the Starlog Data Logger.

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