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LevelPro 6100 Bubbler Water Level Sensor
PumpPro 6150 Bubbler Water Level Sensor

The PumpPro 6150 combines an integrated air compressor module and LevelPro 6100 advanced liquid level sensor to form a fully self contained hydrostatic pressure sensor designed to measure water and liquid levels reliably and accurately. Featuring a teflon lubricated precision piston air compressor, the 6150 contains all other components required for self generation of compressed air. The PumpPro is a stand alone instrument that does not require compressed gas bottles, regulators or ancillary pneumatic items. It delivers excellent accuracy, precision and stability over a very large (up to 70 meters) range and offers simultaneous analog and digital (SDI-12) outputs for direct, easy connection to popular input devices, including PLCs, RTUs, and data loggers such as Neon and Starlog Data Loggers.

Water or liquid levels are determined by measuring hydrostatic backpressure in a bubbler system. A low cost plastic tube is submersed in the fluid to be measured and purged with gas. The pressure of the ‘head’ of water above the tube orifice is the same as can be measured up at the ‘dry’ end where the pressure is measured and converted to head of liquid. The key advantage of this technique of level measurement is that the electronics are remote from the fluid, ensuring long term reliability and low risk during flood events in rivers and streams or level measurement of volatile liquids.

The 6150 PumpPro provides a purge of compressed air into the capillary just before a reading is taken. When activated by the host system (or manually using the keypad), the internal compressor will purge air into the line for several seconds. Following a settling time (to allow the surplus air to escape the capillary tube end), a static pressure condition is achieved. The 6150 takes a pressure and temperature reading and applies a correction algorithm to produce an accurate pressure or water level measurement on the display or to the host system.


• Accuracy better than +/- 0-05% of full scale
• Ranges 0-5m to 0-70m
• Excellent temperature stability
• Fully self contained precision piston air compressor
• Compact, robust design
• Simultaneous analogue or digital data output
• Integrated LCD display and keypad
• Stage / discharge & stage / volume conversion
• Over-pressure protection
• Low energy measurement cycle
• Modular design using LevelPro 6100
• Low cost of ownership
• 3 Year Warranty


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