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Jarek Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Jarek Tipping Bucket Rainfall Gauge Made from high quality PVC, the simplistic design of the Jarek Rain Gauge ensures reliable operation and accurate measurements when properly installed. The gauge collects rainfall using a funnel receiver with a 203mm (8") diameter. The rain is then strained by metal screen before being passed to the PVC tipping bucket measuring system.

The bucket tips when a specified volume of rain is collected. A reed switch detects each tip and transmits a contact closure signal to a digital input channel on a data logger such as the as the Neon and Starlog Data Loggers or Hobo Event Logger.

The amount of precipitation which tips the bucket can be adjusted, but pre-calibrated values of 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1mm and 0.01" are standard.


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