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WindSonic Ultrasonic Wind Instrument

With no moving parts, the WindSonic Ultrasonic Wind Instrument combines a wind speed and direction sensor in a robust, corrosion free, lightweight housing. With no need for site calibration or maintenance, and designed to withstand harsh marine or land based installations, the WindSonic is a true "fit and forget" wind instrument.

WindSonic Ultrasonic Wind Instrument The flexible design enables you easily to configure the WindSonic to deliver the information you require. By using the software provided it is possible to select the output rate and choose the units of measurement that suit your application. Ensuring accuracy and reliability, WindSonic automatically transmits an anemometer status code with each output to indicate its operating status. Available in three options, providing a number of different digital (SDI-12) and analog outputs, WindSonic is easily configurable to any remote monitoring system or data logger, such as the Neon or Starlog Data Logger.

Maintenance free, quick and easy to install, WindSonic is designed to be mounted using a standard pole fitting and comes complete with all screw fittings, a mating marine grade connector, and comprehensive user manual.

Providing accurate results in all weather conditions, WindSonic exhibits a number of distinct advantages:

Wind speed and direction from a single unit
Consistent performance throughout life (no accuracy degradation due to wear of moving parts)
Corrosion free, UV resistant material
Low start speed (0.01 m/s, 0.09 knots)
Maintenance free
No calibration required
Robust construction
Software configurable
Status code output
True 0-359 operation (no dead band on direction output)


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