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Analite 160 Handheld Turbidity Meter

Analite 160The versatility of the Analite 160 Handheld Turbidity Meter is unsurpassed. The backlit 2 line alphanumeric LCD display allows the user to view 0.5 second updated readings, and store them in a 100 reading memory, as well as set up measurement parameters through a user-friendly menu system. The NEP160 will power up automatically to its last settings whenever external power is applied making it ideal for logging applications when using the built-in analog output or optional RS232. The rugged IP-65 rated case houses a rechargeable NiMH battery pack and all connectors are sealed with waterproof dust caps. Two probes are available: the standard NEP260 high sensitivity 90 probe is capable of measuring turbidity levels from 0 to over 3,000NTU, while the NEP280 retro-scatter probe is capable of measuring turbidity level from 10 to 20,000NTU. Both probes come standard with 5 meters of cable, but can be submersed to a depth of 30 meters with extra cable. The probes are "smart probes" in that they each carry their own "signature", that is, calibration and characterization data. This allows the operator to use more than one probe with the same display unit. Further, the probes can be factory calibrated periodically without the need to return the NEP160 display unit. Specifications

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