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Analite 160 Handheld Turbidity Meter

Range: 0.0 to 20,000NTU (3,000NTU limit on NEP260, 90 probe), over four ranges automatically determined.

Display: 2 line, 16-character dot matrix alphanumeric liquid crystal display.

Display Language: English standard, other languages available to order.

Parameters Displayed:

Turbidity (NTU) - default
Relative Turbidity Reference (NTU)
Relative Turbidity REL (Turbidity - Relative Turbidity Reference)
Date/Time - default

Reading: Updated approximately every 1 second.

Averaging period: 0.5 second or 8 seconds nominal user selectable.

Auto Range Steps:

1 <0.1 to 20NTU
2 <1 to 200NTU
3 <10 to 2,000NTU
4 <100 to 20,000NTU (using NEP280, 180 probe only)


1 0.02NTU
2 0.1NTU
3 1NTU
4 10NTU

Repeatability: 2% 1 digit on all ranges.

Data Logging: User set for one reading every 1 to 90 seconds or minutes. All readings stored in the Notepad.

Notepad: 100 readings each with time and date.

Setup Procedures: Menu driven, including:

Automatic Logging
Analogue Output range selection
Reference Turbidity value
Setting date and time

Setup Memory: Non volatile EEPROM.

Clock: Calendar clock displays date and time. Year 2000 compliant.

Good Laboratory Practice: All readings as well as calibration constants are stored together with the Time and Date and can be recalled at any time.


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