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Neon Client/Server Application Software System

Neon Client/Server System The Neon Client System is a suite of software and documentation which allows clients to set up their own Neon system on their existing server hardware, or new server hardware located at clients’ premises. The Neon Client System software is provided on a licence basis and allows clients to set up a measurement system using Neon Remote Data Terminals (NRTs) in the field and have these NRTs communicate with the central server. Services to install, set up, commission and support the Neon server are also provided. Annual software maintenance and application support agreements are also provided.

The Neon Client System uses leading technologies to provide access to remote instruments and data recorders. The system provides remote data collection and terminal programming for Neon Remote Terminals (NRTs) from any internet access point.

The system has been specifically designed for environmental data collection and automated meter reading. Low cost and very low power consumption have been key design targets.

Neon Data Service Key Features

• Low overhead
• Scaleable architecture
• Internet data access
• Bi-directional communications
• Alert and alarm generation
• Time synchronisation from master Neon clock
• Platform independent software
• Plug & play
• Guaranteed data delivery service

Summary of the Neon Data Service Provider Features

• Load, verify, and unload your field instruments and data loggers directly from your office desk anywhere in the world using software that runs on any modern computer

• Access your data using any web browser in tabular or graphical form

• Receive alerts and alarms via email, SMS messages, or voice calls

• Prevent data loss through scheduled updates from the field

• Achieve unparalleled equipment life with our low power NRTs that provide up to 2½ years unattended operation even without a solar panel or other power source

• Connect industry standard instruments and data loggers directly to our Terrestrial GPRS/ CDMA and Satellite NRTs

• Verify system functions in the fi eld with a Palm PDA via an IrDA port

• Collect and share your data with colleagues through the Neon databank

• Convert your data to standard formats such as CSV or Excel for use in statistical or math packages

• View your data directly using the client Graphical User Interface

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