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6541 Precision Water Level Instrument

6541 Precision Water Level Instrument Float-operated instruments can be the most accurate way to monitor water level with virtually no drift in readings. The new Model 6541 Precision Water Level Instrument can achieve an operating accuracy and resolution of 0.2mm over a full scale range of 0 to 65.5 meters with a 4-20 ma or SDI-12 output. This accuracy is maintained for the service life of the instrument without calibration or maintenance, apart from battery changes. The 500 mm circumference pulley is normally connected to the water surface by a float system. As the water level changes this rotates the input shaft on which is mounted an optical encoder. The encoder is continuously monitored and the instrument tracks any water level changes. These changes update the LCD screen and the displayed reading can be recorded by an associated data logger such as the Starlog. The shaft encoder electronics are housed in a Nema 4 enclosure with a 9 VDC battery pack which will power the instrument for more than 1 year. The practical design and rugged construction ensures easy operation and a long service life. Specifications

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