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Swoffer 3000 Flow Meter

HI 9024The Swoffer Model 3000 Indicator is a datalogging version of the time proven Swoffer Model 2100 Display. The 3000 allows the operator to input and store measurement data usually hand written to a clipboard while profiling streams for discharge measurement. The Model 3000 can record depths, widths, velocities and angles along with time & date of measurements. It holds 1000 “Stations” in any combination of 1 to 100 “Transects” or “Sections”. It can figure the “Q” (total discharge) and upload all the information in spreadsheet acceptable format to your PC for further study and record keeping. You can set the sampling (or averaging) time anywhere from 1 to 999 seconds and true averages can be attained by adding any single reading to multiple successive readings.

The 3000 Indicator is fully compatible with all previous sensors so it can be purchased separately to update any Swoffer 2100 instrument. It can also be used with the USGS “Price Type” AA & Pygmy current meters. Calibration ratings for up to 5 different sensors are stored in the Model 3000 plus calibrations for AA and Pygmy meters using either the Swoffer Model 2200 optical retrofits or the magnetic head contacts. An easy self-calibration feature enables you to check operation of the instrument while in the field and all calibration data may be edited if needed. The Indicator powers the sensor only when it is required for a measurement so batteries last longer. The onboard clock can be set anytime and remains in operation even after shutdown (after 20 minutes of inactivity it automatically shuts itself off). Powered by four AA batteries, the Model 3000 instruments are very light weight and easy to use in the field.

The Swoffer Model 3000 Indicator is available with the same rod configurations - a top set wading, combination, and Telescoping rod as the Swoffer Model 2100 Display. Top set wading rods are designed to be used while wading in streams, waterways and channels. Combination rods are designed to measure flows in faster, deeper water or from low bridges or a boat. Telescoping wands, which are supplied with the sensor on a short boom, are designed for reaching shallow and partially obstructed channels such as sewers.


• Records depths, widths, velocities, flow angles, time/date ("stations")
• Memory holds 1000 "stations" in up to 100 cross sections for later upload to a PC
• Calculates discharge - Velocity sampling interval is selectable from 1 to 999 seconds
• Calibration ratings for 10 different sensor options are stored
• Designed to function with Price type AA and Pygmy meters with or without optic sensors
• Can be easily field-calibrated to operate with any contact closure type sensor
• Powered by four AA size batteries


Sounding Reels & Bridgeboard Sounding Reels & Bridgeboard Type A Sounding Reel
Swoffer 3000 Display
with C140 & C80 Metric Topset Wading Rods
Swoffer 3000 Display
with LX & STDX
Imperial Telescoping Rods
Swoffer 3000 Display
with Metric & Imperial Combination Rods

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